• July 18, 2024

What Can Steel Doors Be Used For?

Tackling a project involving building steel doors for a garden shed requires the right tools and know-how. Depending on how one approaches it, it can be little or a lot of work. In this video, the result is sturdy, good-looking doors.

Video Source

As shown in the video, it’s vital to measure everything multiple times. Otherwise, it’s possible to end up with doors that don’tdon’t fit properly. Redoing everything isn’t fun.

The process

The guy in the video built something much better than the old wooden ones. They were really dull and just needed to go. So, he replaced the padlock with a better lock for the steel doors. He picked some materials from the scrap yard, which was practically free. To do things just right, he adapted the design to match the materials. There’s no doubt that the project proved enjoyable and worthwhile.


The steel doors provide a sleeve for the wooden panel to sit. What’sWhat’s more, there’sthere’s some wood filling added to the installation. That filling adds a nice touch to it all. On the other hand, all the welding work takes place in a well-equipped workshop. Everything comes out just fine, thanks partly to the work table, which makes it easier to keep things level and straight. Another thing that helps the steel doors look great is the proper welding techniques used in the whole process.


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