• May 26, 2024

Simple Methods for Creating Alfresco Enclosures

When it comes to alfresco enclosures, there are some simple methods to keep in mind. The first method is to make sure that the foundation is lifted high enough as a way to offset water coming into the enclosure. The next thing to keep in mind is to make sure the walls are level with the house. This is great for the roof to make sure it continues on and avoid potential water damage. The walls will need to be built out first before the roof, but after the concrete is poured.

The next step to do on the enclosure is to do the door cutout. You’ll want to measure it and make sure that all the foundational pieces are installed. Wiring is important for this part of the home. You need to get it prepared and then move forward with the roof.

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Once you’re ready to install the roof, make sure it is connected to the house and not allowing for water to get through. You can do a patio cover or a roof extension. You’ll need to seal the roof when it’s finished to make sure that the home is properly secured and the enclosure will not cause damage to the home over time.

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