• May 26, 2024

Questions to Ask New Garage Door Contractors

Replacing your garage door has never been easier. You can do it in just two days. But be careful while you’re at it. Springs can hurt you if you’re not careful. Kickstart the job by removing the old garage door.

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Remove them carefully because they’re like strong coils that can jump out at you. Then take out the panels one by one, starting from the top. Don’t forget to remove the old tracks and stuff too.

Next, get your new garage door ready. Check the wood around the opening – if it’s all rotten, replace it. Then lay the bottom piece of your new door on something soft and flat. Now, attach the brackets and hinges to the pieces of the door, following the instructions that come with it. Now to put the new door in. Put the bottom piece in the opening and make sure it’s level, like a straight line.

If it’s not level, use shims to fix it. Then nail that piece in place, but not too tight yet, just to hold it there for now. Do the same thing for all the other pieces, attaching them together and nailing them loosely in place. Once all the pieces are in, put in the rollers and brackets.

Then slide the track, which is like a metal runway, over the rollers and attach it to the brackets. The tricky part is installing the springs. Read the instructions carefully because you don’t want these springs to hurt you. Watch this video to see how new garage door contractors do it.


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