• July 18, 2024

A Guide to a Full Shower to Tub Conversion

Embarking on a shower to tub conversion is a significant decision that can rejuvenate your bathroom space. Let’s explore the key steps in converting your shower, from initial considerations to the finishing touches that will give your vision to life.

1. Assessing Your Space: Begin by assessing the layout of your bathroom to determine the feasibility of a shower to tub conversion. Consider the available space, plumbing requirements, and any structural adjustments needed.

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A thoughtful evaluation sets the foundation for a successful conversion that aligns with your practical needs and design preferences.

2. Selecting the Right Tub: Choosing the perfect tub is a pivotal step in the transformation process. Explore various styles, sizes, and materials to find a tub that complements your overall aesthetic while meeting your bathing preferences. Whatever you choose, remember that the tub becomes the focal point of the transformed space.

3. Plumbing Considerations: Adapting the plumbing to accommodate the new tub is a crucial aspect. Check with a professional plumber to ensure the installation meets local codes and standards. Addressing plumbing considerations early in the process ensures seamless integration of the tub into your existing bathroom infrastructure.

4. Designing Around the Tub: With the tub in place, focus on designing the surrounding space to enhance the overall appeal. Consider tile choices, fixtures, and additional features like built-in shelving or decorative elements complementing the new tub.


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