• June 24, 2024

Learn More About Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchens with white cabinets or even shelves are the “in” thing. Dark cabinets, therefore, can be given new life with cabinet refinishing instead of replacement. The cabinet professional at Kitchen Tuneup shows us how.

How To Reface Cabinets

The hardware must be removed. The door or drawer facing is removed next.

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Any crown molding is removed. Veneer prep can begin.

Panels cut to size are applied to cabinets and island sides. The custom-cut veneer is applied to these. The professionals now paint the inside frame of the cabinets in the color you chose. The moldings and the crown molding are replaced.

On the last day, the hardware is applied to the newly refaced doors and drawer pulls. Any decorative things are applied as well. The doors and drawer pulls are put on and what little cleanup there is is completed.

Cabinet refinishing is quicker and less messy than total renovation or even cabinet replacement. Customization is easier. Your kitchen layout remains the same. Refacing is green. When it’s properly done, refacing can last up to 20 years.

Homeowners wishing to keep up with the “in” things should consider cabinet refacing. With the benefits listed above, homeowners have total control over how their new kitchen looks.


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