• July 18, 2024

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

The video starts with the interviewer from This Old House saying he will be addressing the question, ‘’When can one use an instantaneous water heater and when it makes sense to go electric” with the help of his guest. The guest explains that instantaneous water heaters are hung on the wall and only begin operating when one opens a faucet.
In the case of a tanked-up gas water heater, a burner underneath keeps turning on all day and night to heat water. This necessitates a larger burner, and when one opens up a faucet, it typically needs more power to heat the water. So, while it’ll use less energy over time, it’ll require a big burst of gas over a short period.

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The two gentlemen then proceed to discuss the electric option. The guest mentioned that the same issue applies. He then says one should also consider the temperature rise, which is how much heat water has when it enters the building.
Groundwater tends to have a higher temperature in areas like Florida and Texas than in New England. The guest ultimately says electric tankless water heaters may not be ideal for a home in New England with multiple bathrooms. However, in Texas, an electric unit can satisfy a home’s heating needs as long as there’s enough available power.

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