• July 18, 2024

How to Install a New Steel Garage Door

The installation of a new steel garage door requires the expertise of someone well-versed in this field. The new steel garage door does offer some great features. The steel ensures the garage door looks nice and sturdy.

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Due to the heat in the garage, the insulation will be a great addition. If you choose a single garage door, you might wonder how you will be opening and closing it.

The springs pretty much do all the work. There is a three-quarter horse belt-driven motor that is going to help lift and close the door. There are options like belts or chains if there is a living space upstairs. The belts will be a great option since it is going to be quieter, nicer, and smoother. For the installation, follow a systematic procedure.

You need to get the panel well set up. Center the door in the opening. Proceed to bring the tracks over the rollers and put them into the jamb. Take the wood lag and put it inside the track bolt and that will hold the section in place. You can prep the other panel. Once you have the three sections together it is time to take the level and level the door out. Ensure you achieve a pretty level. Take the horizontal track and attach it to the front, then level it out.


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