• May 26, 2024

2 Things to Remember When Searching for Hurricane Proof Windows

Searching for hurricane-proof windows? Well, it’s important to keep a few key factors in mind, as This Old House explains in their video, “How to Choose Hurricane Window Protection| Ask This Old House.” Here are some things to remember on how to choose hurricane proof windows.

1. Corrosion Resistant
When learning how to choose hurricane proof windows, a factor you must consider is corrosion resistance.

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Corrosion causes severe damage to windows, so it’s crucial to choose ones that are resistant to it. Selecting corrosion-resistant windows will ensure that your windows withstand the harsh conditions of hurricanes and remain intact; they’ll protect your home and give you peace of mind during severe weather events.

2. Durability
Durability almost always comes up when discussing how to choose hurricane proof windows. These windows must withstand the strong winds, pressure changes, and flying debris that come with hurricanes. Look for windows made from high-quality materials like strong frames and impact-resistant glass. It’s also vital to properly maintain and care for your hurricane-proof windows to ensure their durability over time. Prioritizing this detail during your purchase can give you peace of mind of knowing that your windows will protect your home during a hurricane.

Impact resistance and durability are things you should consider in your search for hurricane-proof windows. Doing so will help you choose windows that’ll protect your home during hurricanes and other severe weather. Remember to consult pros in the field to ensure you make the right choice!

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